Supreme Mahzii Overlord is a high ranking member of the Mahziis who goes only be Supreme Mahzii Overlord. He is almost never seen in public, and when he is he is highly guarded. He is, despite his name, not the leader of the Mahziis. However, he once was forced to be leader during a period when Malleo temporarily went missing and Weegee was dead because he was killed by Skodwarde (though he was later revived). Once Malleo returned and Weegee was revived, he stepped down but still remained very highly ranked and respected. He only talks with the likes of Weegee, Malleo, Wabburio, and other high ranking members. He was a character introduced during the real life hacking group called the Mahziis' prime. Of course with the hacker group fading into obscurity, Supreme Mahzii Overlord did as well.


A closer up image