Srushee is the Yushee of Sreegee and Sralleo, and a member of the E.S.D.W. One day Sreegee and Sralleo noticed that a lot of people had their own Yushees. Wanting their own, they created Srushee.


  • Sushi Eggs - He can throw Sushi Eggs, which look like Yushee eggs, but with the pattern of sushi.
  • Pivotize Lick - When he licks you, he puts you into Pivot Animator, and smacks you around.
  • Delete Lick - Like Sreegee's Delete power, but he licks them to do it.
  • MLG Skills - Like his creators, he's boss at video games.
  • Tongue Wrestling Moves - He can grab you with his tongue and do wrestling moves on you.
  • Scouter - Like his creators, his sunglasses are a scouter that can track people and show their power levels.
  • Sushi Egg Shield - Like normal Yushees, he can go into an egg as a shield and can ram into people with it, but instead of a Yushee Egg, it's a Sushi Egg.


Srushee is a very friendly Yushee, and has lots of friends. He is very similar to his creators in terms of personality, being quite friendly to his friends and hating his enemies. He is also quite loyal to his creators and will help them when they are in need.