Sreegee is a cool and powerful Fakegee, and a member of the E.S.D.W. One day, Weegee decided he wanted a new member for his army. So he went to the lab, and created Sreegee. Sreegee has many powers, but his primary powers are sushi and computer related. He is friends with Freegee, Weegee, and MamaLuigi22. His brother is Sralleo.


Sreegee is a very kind Fakegee and is very loving to his friends. He is friendly and is glad to make new friends. He is also quite cool and laid-back, and will make one-liners while fighting. He is very aggresive to his enemies and will destroy them in anyway he can. He is also very loyal to his master Weegee and doesn't like Weegee haters. He is also quite sensitive, and does not like being insulted. He is also funny and makes jokes a lot. He likes to make people laugh and make them happy, and doesn't like bullying.