Sralleo is the brother of Sreegee. Like his brother, he serves in both the E.S.D.W, and Weegee's Army. He has all of Sreegee's powers, except the Sreegee Stare. To make up for this, he has a power called the Cursor Flower. When he uses this, he turns you into a cursor. He was created by Sreegee when Sreegee wanted a brother. He developed Weegee Fighter along with his brother.


Sralleo is quite like his brother in terms of personality. He cares for his friends dearly, and hates his enemies with a burning passion. However, he is a little bit more serious then his brother, and doesn't joke around. He still laughs at his brother's jokes though, and still has humor (he still laughs at things he finds funny).


His current design