"True power is not achieved by any magic. Only man. And lots and LOTS of firepower."

-Saddam Husseingee

Saddam Husseingee is a terrorist fakegee, that steals weapons (including nuclear ones) and uses them against his enemies, or sells them to armies.


It is not know where did Husseingee come from. It has been theorized, that he is from Iraq or Afghanistan.


  • He has no power and uses his firearms instead.
  • That includes:
  • Nuclear firepower
  • Guns (his favourite being AK-47, painted in gold)
  • Rockets
  • Tanks
  • All sorts of war vehicles


  • It is yet unknown, but he might be related to Osama Bin Weegee.
  • He might actually have some sort of power, but it has never been revealed, as the only proof is through the journals and documents of Husseingee's fallen enemies
  • He hates Owlis
  • He has a cigar in his mouth in every photo ever taken of him.
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