The rules of Freegee's Wiki.

General Rules

  • No spam or vandalism
  • No insulting Weegee or this wiki
  • No swearing or adult content
  • Do not add pointless or nonsensical pages
  • Do not add copyrighted content unless it is absolutely necessary
  • Use good grammar and spelling when making articles
  • No racism
  • In order to count a character in the Historical Weegee's category, the character must fill one of these qualifications (as long as they have one, they are good)
    • They are a member of the Original Weegee Fad
    • They have become widely known and popular (like Walleo)
    • They were the first of something, such as Greegee being the first made Fakegee
    • They have had major influence in Weegeepedia, or assossiated wikis.
    • They founded a major group that either has a lot of members, or has done a lot of things (like Un Ded)
  • Articles must be at least a paragraph long, and must have a picture

Chat Rules

  • Don't be a jerk
  • No inappropriate topics
  • No spam
  • No swearing