Osama Bin Weegee

Osama Bin Weegee was a terrorist, and an infamous enemy of the United 'Gees Universe. He was created when Seagee found the dead corpse of Osama Bin Laden, and Fusegee fused them. Osama moved to the United 'Gees Universe, where he asked Weegee to help him get vengeance on the United States. Weegee didn't really care, and denied the request. Osama Bin Weegee got so mad, he declared war on Weegee. He founded the Anti-Weegee Alliance, and tried to take over the United 'Gees Universe, then earth. Eventually, Seagee and Osama Bin Weegee split. Osama continued ruling the Anti-Weegee Alliance, until he was killed by Suteegee.