Limbo Freegee

Limbo Freegee is a long lost form of Freegee. It is his most powerful form of them all. He doesn't use it much, as he can only use it 10 times before the Power of it grows so big that it kills him. It was originally on Weegeepedia but it was undone for unknown reasons. It was only added to Freegee's page, but due to the fact that it was once there and it was taken off, it will still be counted as a Weegeepedia Refugee.


  • Stealth- completely invisible and silent. He can only be seen in photos and video footage.
  • Limbo Teleport- can teleport in and out of Limbo at will.
  • Limbo Banish- can teleport other people to Limbo.


  • On the 10th use, it will kill Freegee.