John Weegee Booth V2


John Weegee Booth

John Weegee Booth was a clone of Weegee, and a hardcore anti-Fakegee. He was just a normal Weegee clone, until the creation of Fakegee. He then vowed his life to making the Fakegee's extinct. During the Fakegee Civil War, he was a general of a squadron of anti-Fakegees. They broke the laws of war, and tortured, nuked, and did inhumane things to Fakegees. However, during the war his entire squadron was killed by Kezaneegee and Fakegee. John Weegee Booth did survive however. After the war, the Fakegees had won. John wasn't going to take this lying down. So one night, John snuck into the Fakegee Theater, and shot Fakegee in the head. John then escaped the theater. John realized he couldn't escape, and committed suicide before he could get caught.


  • He was the secret leader of the Ku Klux Kleegee
  • Despite being an older character, he was only physically created recently