Not to be confused with the other Freegee

Freegee is an odd fakegee and the main character of this wiki. He is friends with Weegee, MamaLuigi22, Nanite, and Felix the Cat123. Although he is powerful now, he was rather weak in his early days due to his lack of combat experience.


Freegee is usually nice to his friends, but is very brutal and evil to his enemies, especially on the battlefield. He loves war and will try to start one whenever possible. He is often called a warmonger by other people. He used to be pretty easy-going, until he and his friends were nearly destroyed by the AMFA. Since his origin is unknown, he dosen't remember anything past a few years ago. He hates any anti-Weegee or Weegee hater and will destroy them on sight. He has also started many genocides against groups he doesn't like.


Freegee once found an unihabited planet in the uncharted regions of space. He took it over and named it Freegee's Planet. He ruled it by himself for a while, until it was attacked by an unnamed organization of Weegee haters. Freegee destroyed them, and later founded the E.S.D.W to defend Weegee against similar attacks.

What He Is

  • A Fakegee
  • A Weegee helper
  • A powerful Fakegee
  • The ESDW leader

What He Isn't

  • An anti-Weegee
  • A recolor
  • A Brony
  • A troll



  • Freegee has no clones or relatives, his origin is unknown.
  • Freegee's favorite foods are pizza and spaghetti.
  • Although most powerful Fakegees have personal armies, Freegee does not have one. The ESDW is a united group deticated to defending Weegee.