Toon Malleo gunning down a Fakegee protest

The Fakegee and Mahzii War was a war between the Fakegees and the Mahziis.

Beginning of War

After Weegees started to become more popular, people attempted to create their own, known as Fakegees. Many of the Fakegees were recolors, which Malleo hated. Because of the large amount of Fakegees, an anti-Fakegee group known as the Mahziis was created. They began persecuting Fakegees. However, more and more Fakegees continued to be created. Many Fakegees protested against the Mahziis. The Mahziis then began to commit genocide against the Fakegees. Two Fakegees known as Greegee and Fakegee formed the Fakegee Alliance, and declared war on the Mahziis.


The war raged on for a long time. Hundreds of Fakegees were killed, while the Mahziis lost few, if any, men. However, while the Mahziis had superior soldiers and weaponry, the Fakegees had numbers on their side. While the Mahziis struggled to create new soldiers, new Fakegees were created every day. The Fakegees started to gain the upper hand.

End of War

After two years of fighting, the Mahzii HQ was overrun, and most of the members were killed. Malleo surrendered, and the Fakegees were victorious. Weegee and Malleo retained their status as supreme rulers, but were forced to give Fakegees the same rights as everyone else. Many of the surviving Mahziis were arrested for war crimes, although many went into hiding and were never captured.