Their flag


Eagle emblem, worn by high-ranking members

Elite Soldiers Defending Weegee, or the E.S.D.W, is an elite organization dedicated to attempting to revive the Weegee Fad, and defending Weegee from trolls, spammers, rabid haters, rabid fans, cringe, and other abominations that don't belong on the Internet. Their mission is to defend Weegee, attempt to revive the Weegee Fad, and destroy the groups mentioned above. They are lead by Freegee, although Commander Freegee is usually his form for leading them. Along with defending against spammers, and E.S.D.W will also be importing pages from forgotten wikis here, known as Operation Import lead by MamaLuigi22.


If you want to join, just add yourself or your characters to this list


'Note: This only applies to this wiki's leaders, not the worldwide E.W.D.W'. Also this doesn't apply to the E.S.D.W'e role in Weegee Lore (who will always be Freegee), only in real life

Weapons and Equipment:


  • SanicGee (neutralized): Annoying spammer and troll. Spewed nonsensical garbage about Africa on Weegeepedia. Later spammed this wiki and others. Was globally blocked, but returned on Weegeepedia. He stopped spamming, but continued the Africa crap. The group became divided about fighting him or not. He is now inactive, and is presumed neutralized.
  • A.M.F.A (neutralized): Annoymous hate group known as the Anti Mario Fad Alliance that appeared in late 2014. Attempted to destroy all "Mario Fads" for being unoriginal. Attacked several wikis, but mostly the original Freegee's Wiki. Later gave up, and cannot return due to Wikia's anonymous editing disable feature.