Toon form

Spai VS Crengalon

Spai VS Crengalon

The fight between him and Spai

"Push A to Poor"

Crengalon is a Weegee created during the original Weegee Fad, and the predecessor to Boracuubi. He was not approved by TheMarioBrother, and was considered a Fakegee. As a Fakegee, he was hated by the approved Weegees and was a target of the Mahziis. He was attacked by Spai, and had his head blown up. He was revived a year later, and now lives in the United 'Gees Universe as a normal citizen. His brother is Hagrad.


Push A to Poor

When he says this, money will be thrown at the victim. The money then explodes, killing the victim.


His fingers are actually missiles, and can be shot off. They can stab Fakegees and pin them to walls. He can detonate the missles by pressing the button on the palm of his hand.

Nose Grenade

Crengalon's nose is actually an explosive, and can be taken off and thrown like a grenade. A new nose will grow back immediantly.