This is Branite.

Branite is a clone of Nanite who got exposed to Pickle Radiation (PR). All other clones of Nanite existing at the time had been exposed to radiation or fused to other Fakegess or characters in order to prevent them from being mistaken for the real Nanite. However, since the shade of blue Breatures have is very similar to the original Nanite's colors, Branite looked almost exactly like Nanite. People started mistakening Branite for the real Nanite, and it got out of hand to the point where Nanite and Branite had to make a public service announcement to point out that the color of Branite's overalls were a distinguishable enough color from the color of Nanites. Although some people tease him by calling him a "TOTALLY ORIGINAL CHARACTER", the confusion between him and Nanite has mostly receeded, and he has now joined the E.S.D.W (despite disagreeing on some of Freegee's political views).